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For over 30 years Brown Concrete & Backhoe Inc. has served the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area with superior septic and excavating services. We take a common-sense approach to find our customers a cost-effective solution. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on every job, every day. Fair pricing and excellent service set us apart from our competitors. Our certified staff uses the most up-to-date equipment to complete your project on time with minimal disruption and inconvenience.

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Septic System Installation

At Brown Concrete & Backhoe Inc. we are proud to offer expert septic system installation services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our experienced septic system contractor team promises to complete every job in a safe, thorough and timely manner. Whether you are getting a brand new system installed for new construction, or you need to replace an old tank, our team will investigate your situation to ensure we are providing your home or business with the right type of septic system.

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Services We Offer

Check Icon Septic System Installation
Check Icon Time of Transfer Inspections
Check Icon Septic Tank Pumping
Check Icon Conventional Leach Field System Installation
Check Icon Soil/Perc Testing & Septic Design
Check Icon Annual Maintenance Services
Check Icon Sand Filter System Installation
Check Icon Alternative System Installation
Check Icon Septic System Replacement


Our Team Understands Septic Systems, Maintenance & Pumping

Having to replace a septic system is expensive and since not everything lasts forever, why not extend its life as long as possible. Here at Brown Concrete & Backhoe Inc., we provide a wide range of septic system maintenance services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking to get your septic tank pumped, or need your effluent filter cleaned, our experienced team can handle it. We even offer time of transfer inspections if you are selling your property.

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Services We Offer

Check Icon Time of Transfer Inspections
Check Icon Septic Tank Pumping
Check Icon Septic System Maintenance

Excavating Services

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When it comes to excavating, Brown Concrete & Backhoe Inc. is proud to be able to say that we have years of experience, quality equipment, and in-depth expertise. We are the area’s leading residential, commercial, and industrial excavating contractors that are capable of handling large or small projects. If you require any kind of excavation assistance, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our services and excavation rates.

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Services We Offer

Check Icon Basement Excavation (Basement Digging)
Check Icon Grading Services (Yard, Driveway)
Check Icon Site, Tree, & Land Clearing
Check Icon Pond Digging
Check Icon Residential (Home, Barn, Shed) & Light Demolition
Check Icon Driveway Construction