So you’ve recently bought a house with a septic tank system? An increasingly popular option among homeowners. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

Types of Septic Tank Systems

Septic systems come in many sizes and types. A conventional system includes a septic tank and gravel field filtration system. These are among the most common systems. Chamber systems are more common in areas with high water tables but are a little more complex, which might mean spending more on maintenance. Another common type is a sand filter system. This one filters waste water through sand before it is released into the soil.

There are many other types of systems, and what type you have will change how you need to take care of it and how often you need to have it pumped.

Maintaining Your System

Owning a house with a septic tank system means you are responsible for different maintenance measures. While the septic tanks themselves should last a lifetime, their resilience depends on how you take care of them. Your septic tank requires regular pumping by a professional to keep it running properly. You need to drain it between every three to five years. Exactly how often depends on a number of factors, including how big your tank is. A smaller tank will require more frequent pumping than a larger tank because of its lower capacity.

The number of people in your house will also affect how much waste is being put through your system. If the waste going through your system is mostly liquid, you won’t need as much maintenance. But if it’s more solid, you will need to have your tank pumped sooner.

The Advantages of a Septic System

There are several advantages to utilizing a septic tank system. Whereas most sewer systems can cause leaks and contaminate groundwater, septic systems are designed to minimize polution, making them more environmentally friendly. These systems can filter wastewater to remove bacteria and help the local ecosystem.

Another advantage of these systems is that they come at a lower cost to you. Maintaining a septic system is cheaper than replacing sewer pipes and reduces your dependence on public utilities. As long as you do your part to maintain your system, you will save money.

Living in a home with a septic system comes with many advantages, but don’t forget the maintenance you need to perform to keep it running properly and last a lifetime.

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