Filter and pump installation on a new septic tank in a sand and gravel filter bed

A growing number of people are switching to septic tanks because they provide a high level of waste control. However, managing them can be a tough situation without help. As a result, the best septic pumping Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Marion, Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty, Iowa, have to offer may be necessary. This process is one that shouldn’t take too long for most people to handle with ease. And if you work with experts who you can trust, such as our professionals at Brown Concrete & Backhoe Inc., you should find this process even more comfortable to handle than you may expect.

Typical Septic Cleaning Schedules Vary

A septic tank is something that should be able to hold a relatively large amount of waste without needing pumping. They are designed to last the lifetime of a home and longer and can hold years of waste without any trouble. As a result, most homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about septic pumping too often. That said, this situation is likely to occur to them at some time and likely multiple times.

Remember: septic tanks are not connected to any other sewer system and will need to be pumped to keep them from getting too filled. Unlike a city sewer system, which processes waste and converts it to clean water, septic systems hold only a finite amount of waste before it must be pumped. Therefore, it is vital to get them pumped more frequently than you may anticipate for your home.

However, the exact schedule is likely to vary in many cases. You typically won’t have to pump a septic tank every six months or even once a year. They are designed to last longer than that before a cleaning. That said, there are times when you may need to pump out a tank unexpectedly. Therefore, it is critical to understand a typical pumping timeline and how it relates to your home.

Remember, though, that a pumping timeline is often more variable than you may expect. That’s because you may run into complications with your pumping that you didn’t anticipate or struggle to properly pump your tanks without running into any difficulties. Just as importantly, you need to know why emptying a septic tank in a timely fashion is critical not only for your home but for the environment and the health of your family all at the same time.

When You Should Empty a Septic Tank

Most experts state that a septic pumping should be done to your tank at least once every three to five years. This range is quite variable for a number of reasons. First of all, smaller containers need to be pumped more often because they hold a smaller amount of waste. Likewise, larger tanks can hold more waste and don’t need to be pumped anywhere near as often as their smaller counterparts.

Waiting any longer than five years is likely to cause some real problems for a home. For example, a septic tank that is too filled may not accept any more waste and create sewage backup. This backup may not occur in a home but may end up getting into the soil around the tank. Contamination like this is very problematic and could trigger a myriad of health code violations that are very problematic.

Even worse, the tank itself could end up bulging or experiencing other types of damage that may cause it to burst and cause even more contamination. This problem is one that will cost you thousands of dollars to fix correctly and can be a real issue for the safety of your family. For example, there is a small chance that they could be affected by the bacteria and mold that live in sewage and experience related health problems as a result.

As a result, you need to contact a professional who fully understands how to empty your septic tank properly. While you may be able to rent equipment to pump out your tank in some situations, this task is rarely a good idea. Those who try to empty their septic tank typically realize, very quickly, that it is much harder than they anticipated. And the chances of making real mistakes in this process are much too high for you to tolerate for too long. So, instead, look up a professional who you can trust to do it right.

Why Professionals are Necessary

Septic pumping equipment and trucks may be available to rent near you and could seem quite easy to operate. After all, all you have to do is open the tank, attach the hose, and suck out the waste, right? This misconception is one of the biggest reasons why professional pumping is necessary. While waste removal isn’t rocket science, as such, it does require a unique finesse that most amateurs won’t possess.

For example, will you know when to detach the hose from the tank to ensure that you don’t cause damage? Or do you know what to do with the waste once it is removed? And will you know how to clean up a spill if one occurs? The chances are meager that you understand any of these factors. And this isn’t meant to be insulting – it is merely a reminder that septic cleaning is not a simple task.

Instead of trying to go solo and causing more problems, you need to call experts who will fully grasp the complexities of this cleaning process. Expert cleaning not only helps to avoid common mistakes but ensures you get all of the waste out of your tank. Unfortunately, you may miss out on some residue stuck in far corners of the tank and allow it to sit for years and cause more complications with your tank.

Yes, you’ll indeed pay more for professional septic pumping than if you just went it alone. That factor is an unavoidable one and shouldn’t be a massive issue for you. Instead, it would help if you focused on making sure that you get the cleanest tank possible and avoid common errors that cause real problems with your tank. Doing so will help to ensure that you don’t run into any real issues with your tank.

Take Care of Your Septic Concerns

As you can see, septic tank cleaning is a process that must be handled by professionals. Even if you think that you’ve “got this” and can handle it on your own, you should still talk to experts who fully understand this process. So if you need septic pumping in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Marion, Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty, Iowa sooner rather than later, please contact us at Brown Concrete & Backhoe Inc today to learn more. Our professionals will take the time to check your tank, assess its state, and pump it for you. And we can also perform repairs, as necessary, to keep your tank secure.